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A Singaporean comic artist who used to study in US and Japan. She still looks young at her 30s thanks to Japanese skincare but dislikes people to call her "Auntie". Her nemeses are sale, freebies and good food.

Kopi is a malay word for coffee, commonly used in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. He is Eva's (imaginary) pet dog with a good eye on stocks and investments. Both smart and sarcastic, he is impatient with idiots like Eva.

Matcha refers to finely milled or fine powder green tea. He/she is Eva's (another imaginary) pet cat whose primary existence is just to look incredibly cute, like that famous cat without a mouth.

A Singaporean shopaholic who is into luxury brands. Once a model in her earlier years, she has an hourglass figure that Eva admires. She aspires to marry a rich guy.

A Singaporean Otaku who likes only games and anime with young, pretty girls in short skirts. He's extremely frugal and hopes to retire early to enjoy an easy, good life. His favorite games are "白衣性恋愛症候群" and "大戦略7 exceed'. Likes AKB48 too.

He used to be a gangster but wants to mend his ways. Unfortunately, he always encounters demanding patrons like Eva and Joanne.

Mari is a cute young Japanese university student who is out-going and loves to make new friends.

Kenji is Eva's Japanese friend who always like to correct and teach her the Japanese way.

+other extras.

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