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A comic artist from Singapore, Evangeline Neo has been publishing her own comic series via web since 2007 and enjoys a large following on her Facebook page, Evacomics. Her seminal work "Eva, Kopi and Matcha" (2014) depicts and satirises cultural differences between Singapore and Japan and has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese. Her second book "Eva Goes Solo" (2016) documents her experiences adapting to life in Japan where she lived for some years.

She was a mentor for comics drawing on OKTO’s Knockout Carnival and has appeared in newspapers such as Zaobao, The Straits Times, The Sun, The New Straits Times, and The Star. Her work on cultural differences attracted an interview for Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal’s staff magazine. Eva was an invited speaker at conventions such as Singapore Toy Game Comics Convention, Comic Fiesta in Kuala Lumpur, and Popcon Asia in Jakarta.

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Latest News
22 Aug 2017 Interviewed about the Singapore comics scene on Straits Times >>>
18 Oct 2016 Interviewed by Malaysian radio station BFM 89.9 >>>
28 Sep 2016 Interviewed by Singapore Chinese radio station Love 97.2
25 Jun 2015 Mentioned in an article introducing Popcon Asia on newspaper The Jakarta Post (Indonesia).
28 Apr 2015 Interviewed for new book release on newspaper The Star (Malaysia).
12 Apr 2015 Interviewed on Channel 8 news for viral image of a tribute drawing for Mr. Lee Kuan Yew (Singapore) >>>
11 Apr 2015 Interviewed for new book release on newspaper New Straits Times (Malaysia).
8 Apr 2015 Interviewed for new book release on newspaper The Sun (Malaysia).
Mar 2015 Interviewed on Frontline magazine (Singapore).
21 Dec 2014 Interviewed for new book release on Sunday Times (Singapore).
25 Nov 2014: Featured as a mentor to teach drawing comics in "Knockout Carnival", an OKTO channel program to promote local arts and culture (Singapore).
Nov 2014 Interviewed on POPCLUB magazine for new comic book release "Eva, Kopi and Matcha" (Singapore).
May-June 2014 Comic strip published in Jplus magazine for local Japanese community (Singapore).
15 Jan 2014:

Interviewed on Chinese newspaper Zaobao (Singapore). >>>

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Latest News
23-24 Sep 2017 "Venturing Abroad: Singapore Comics Translated For Overseas" and "Image vs Text: Which comes first?" as a panel discussion speaker for Translate Singapore Festval.
4 May 2017 Going Solo! Life in Japan for Singaporeans” for Wasabi Discovery, organized by Wasabi Creation.
4 May 2017 Making Evacomics” at Temasek Polytechnic library.
17 Apr 2017 Creativity and Innovation for Comic Artists” and demo at Chongzheng Primary School.
18 Dec 2016 Making Comics and Designing Character Goods” for Comic Fiesta at KL, Malaysia.
10 Sep 2016 The Art of the Biography” as a panel discussion speaker for Cooler Lumpur Festival at KL, Malaysia.
5 Mar 2016 Copyright Infringement” for Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, Vietnam.
8 Aug 2015 "Introduction to the climate and condition of the comic industry within ASEAN" as a panel discussion speaker for Popcon Asia at Jakarta, Indonesia.
25-26 Jul 2015 "Tokyo Attractions and FIT Tips" and "Japanese food and FIT Tips" at Marina Bay Sands, organized by Japan National Tourism Organization.
5 Jun 2015 "Social Media Marketing and Creative Entrepreneurship" and "Choosing Your Niche Area" as a panel discussion speaker for Asian Festival of Children's Content at National Library of Singapore.
10 May 2015 "Important Lessons Learnt from Self Publishing" and "Creativity in the Creative Industry" as a discussion panel speaker for Skillup at Scape, Singapore.
8 May 2015 "The Cultural Differences between Japan and Singapore" (シンガポールと日本の文化の差), conducted in Japanese at the Japanese Association to let Japanese expatriates understand Singapore culture better through comics.
7 May 2015 "My Creative Journey and Process" and demo at ITE Central, organized by WACOM.
4 Oct 2014: "My experience in Japan" at the Japanese Association, organized by JUGAS.
7 Sep 2014: "Social Media and Comics" as a panel discussion speaker for Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention (STGCC), Singapore.
24 Aug 2014: "My Creative Process" for Extravaganza '14 at Scape, Singapore.
29 Jul 2014: "Social Media Marketing for Artists" at School of Interactive and Digital Media, Nanyang Polytechnic.
25 Apr 2014: "Creative Process" for Singapore Maker's Meetup at Singapore Polytechnic library.

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